Skincare Fridge: To Have Or Not To Have

Skincare Fridge: To Have Or Not To Have


Anyone who is dedicated to their beauty routine knows how skincare plays an important role in that routine. While there are many products and tools that promise amazing results, one of the newer trends in skincare is the use of a skincare fridge. A skincare fridge, also known as a beauty fridge, is a compact refrigerator designed specifically to store skincare products and tools.


According to some users the main benefit of having a skincare fridge is that it can help keep your products fresh for a longer period of time. What if we told you a skincare fridge could even help you save money? As most of you may know skincare products can be expensive and when stored improperly can spoon quickly. Enter the skincare fridge! Shelf life of some products can be extended slightly by storing them at their optimal temperature. In Vogue’s September 2021 article “Do You Actually Need A Skincare Fridge” they speak with aesthetic doctor, Dr. Barbara Kubicka, founder of Clinicbe, explains how keeping natural products in a skincare fridge can be beneficial, because they often don’t have the preservatives to stay fresh for long periods of time.

One of the other benefits of keeping your skincare products, treatments and tools in a skincare fridge is that using cold products and tools on your face can help de-puff, reduce redness and inflammation. Some suggest that cold products can also help with improving circulation in the skin and to help tighten the skin for a more plump and youthful appearance.


Having a dedicated storage space for your skincare products is a great way to keep you organized. Keeping your products  in a skincare fridge can help save you time otherwise spent searching for products in drawers and cabinets. By keeping your skincare products at a cool temperature you can help slow the growth of bacteria that can contaminate your skincare products, and through cross contamination your other beauty and cosmetic products and or tools.


As aesthetically pleasing and convenient as they are, are skincare fridges really a worthy purchase? Even though some products do feel more luxurious when applied at a cooler temperature, most products are designed with the thought that the majority of people will store them at room temperature.


Generally, the best products to keep in your skincare fridge are products that need to stay cool such as;

  • Eye Creams
  • Serums
  • Face Masks
  • Products with Vitamin C
  • Gel Based Moisturizers
  • Facial Mists
  • Aloe Vera
  • Toner
  • Tools: Facial Roller, Gua Sha, etc.

Some of these products can be sensitive to temperature fluctuation, by keeping them in a cooler environment you can help to preserve their potency and shelf life. Be sure to keep your skin care fridge at a consistent temperature and away from direct sunlight. One quick tip for those lovely lipstick wearers - keeping your lipstick cool in a skincare fridge can help keep it from melting (we’ve all been there).


Avoid storing products that contain essential oil or are oil based as they can solidify rendering them unusable. Be sure to check the storing directions on your products and make sure that your skincare fridge is not set to a temperature that is too low. Ask your doctor or health care provider prior to storing any prescribed skincare product. More products to keep out of your skincare fridge are;

  • Sunscreen
  • Acne Creams
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Clay Masks
  • Lip Balms
  • Facial Oils


While buying appliances for your skincare products may not be completely necessary, having your own little cooling storage unit certainly has its positives (plus they really are so aesthetically pleasing). Remember, whether or not you go the skincare fridge route, it is always a good idea to keep your skincare and beauty products away from UV Rays; suggested storage is a dark dry space, and avoiding high temperatures. Keep your products at home in a regulated temperature.

So now the question becomes, is a skincare fridge right for you? I would say if you love being organized and the luxurious feel of cool products soaking into your skin then the answer is YES! The next big decision is what color your fridge is going to be. Skincare fridges can be found all over the internet check some out on Amazon - pick-up a new bottle of our rose eye cream while you’re there. So set up your vanities, stock your fridge and have yourself the home spa day you deserve, full of pampering and great products. Don’t forget to visit our product page if you need to restock.