About Us

Our mission is to provide a boutique skincare service while educating consumers about the healing and renewal effect of our special mixture of oils in the world of health and beauty. We promise to continue providing luxurious and effective skin care products renowned for high-quality ingredients tailored to the skincare needs of women worldwide.

Why use our oils for skincare?

Are you tired of using expensive chemical moisturizers to rehydrate your skin after using products to minimize oil? Although these moisturizers may temporarily make your skin feel nice, they often result in a need for more products in the future.

Our skin's sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands) naturally produce oils for many reasons. Besides moisturizing and lubricating our skin, this oil prevents it from drying out and aging prematurely. In order for our skin to function properly, we must properly moisturize it.

Your skin actually really loves oil! With a little learning, you can find the best oil for your skin and begin experiencing its benefits right away.

Oil cleanses the skin. Dirt and makeup can be removed from the skin using oil in the same way that your skin secretes oil to cleanse itself.

Oils can improve dry or sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, it may be that it does not have the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Oils help the skin to hold in moisture.

Oil nourishes the skin. High-quality oils are full of nutrients and fatty acids to feed and protect the skin.

3 Key benefits

  • Shrink Pores

    Higher-end oils such as macadamia, jojoba, and camellia actually pull out grime and fats from pores, making them appear smaller and less noticeable. But be warned: The proof is in the formula. Unfortunately, oils readily available at the grocery store can give you clogged, puffed-out pores, so make sure your supply is through a reputable company like Soign.

  • Protect your skin

    Because oils are lipophilic, they can penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturizing goodness in, while keeping toxins and other bad stuff out. Some oils also help to fortify and strengthen our own natural skin barrier. This is especially important for big city dwellers who need extra protection against pollutants and smog, a known source of unwanted wrinkles. On a cold winter day, using a product with rosehip seed oil, which is highly concentrated with antioxidant ingredients, would be a definite win-win

  • Prevent wrinkles

    Too much unprotected ultraviolet light is a set-up for free radical damage — and that means wrinkles and sunspots galore. Some facial oils are packed with antioxidants, which prevent further aging, says Dr. Tung, so if you're affected by sun damage and dryness, she recommends looking for products containing primrose oil or those with a vitamin E base, such as Argan oil.