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Complexion Booster - Bronzed Beauty (Pre-Order Only)

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Our weightless booster is the ultimate key to a radiant, glowing complexion. Formulated with light-bouncing mineral pigments and a wash of tone-evening color, you can wear this ultra-blendable and sheer formula alone, over makeup, mixed with our Skin Renewal™ Rejuvenating Oil, or even our Coconut Shimmer Body Oil™ for an all-over luxurious look - so many possibilities for a beautiful glow! And don't forget about the bonus: it's packed with nourishing vitamin E for an extra boost of radiance. Get ready to show off your dazzling skin!

We sold out so quickly that we are working on completing our newest fresh batch for our amazing users! Take advantage of our discounted rate to preorder our FASTEST SELLING serum!


This product can be used on its own or as a foundation for your makeup. It's highly blendable and provides an immediate glow. Perfectly engineered to work with many different skin tones, it gives you a sheer finish that leaves your face looking velvet-smooth and youthful with a gentle shimmer.


Our versatile, lightweight complexion booster can be utilized in a variety of ways:

To achieve an all-over dewy look, combine it with That Blockbuster™ Hydrating Cream or a liquid foundation.

To add a bronzed or highlighted effect, apply it to the high points of the face, such as cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose.


Key Components:

Mineral pigments effectively scatter light, mask imperfections, and provide skin with a radiant, lit-from-within glow.
Vitamin E, a well-known free radical fighter, acts as a powerful antioxidant protection.

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