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Vanilla Nighttime Internal Skincare w CBD (oral drops)

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The Nighttime dropper is meant to be taken 45min-1hour prior to bed. This is a skincare product specifically designed to help the body get a good night's sleep while also improving the health of the skin by consuming it orally. It contains 2000mg of full-spectrum CBD (hemp-derived oil), MCT coconut oil, and therapeutic indica terpenes limonene and linalool.

Missing out on sleep can have a negative impact on the skin, causing dehydration, dark circles around the eyes, and allowing bacteria to thrive due to a reduction in the skin's pH levels. The Nighttime formula aims to counteract these effects by promoting a deeper and more relaxed sleep.

The full-spectrum CBD and MCT coconut oil work together to nourish the skin and provide the hydration it needs to stay healthy, while the indica terpenes limonene and linalool help to soothe the body and promote a peaceful sleep. By actively promoting healthy skin and helping to reduce inflammation, the formula can help to unclog pores and improve the appearance of problematic areas.

In conclusion, the Nighttime formula provides a natural and holistic approach to skincare, helping to improve the health of the skin while also promoting restful sleep. 


Contains 1000 Full spectrum hemp cannabidiol oil per bottle; approximately
40mg of CBD per dropper (25 droppers per bottle)
 Hemp oil promotes calmness and supports relaxation*
 Full spectrum hemp-derived oil extract sourced from select hemp
cultivated in the USA. Contains <0.3% THC
 Includes traces of minor or rare cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBDV,
 Lab-tested to ensure purity and consistency
 Naturally flavored with Orange or Peppermint oils
 This product is vegan
 Store at room temperature


Take 1 to 2 dropper full for a regular dose before bed, and repeat as needed. Takes 30-45 min depending on weight, food in take. You can also take with tea.


Full Spectrum hemp Derived, Therapeutic Terpenes, linalool, and MCT (Coconut) oil

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