Like to live like A Parisian? Heres 7 tips for the ultimate guide when you can't physically be in Paris.

Like to live like A Parisian? Heres 7 tips for the ultimate guide when you can't physically be in Paris.

Bonjour mis amis! Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, with its history, architecture, food and culture it’s no wonder that many people dream of living there. While we can’t all just pack our bags and start living our best Emily in Paris lives there are ways to bring a bit of that Parisian flair into your life without moving halfway around the world. I know we all love to occasionally sit and day dream about frolicking's through the cobbled streets of Paris down to the local patisserie for our morning pain au chocolat -- I can just taste the flaky, buttery chocolate filled pastry now! Well back to reality. Just because you can’t go to Paris doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little bit of Paris to you. We’ve put together a list of ways to add that Parisian flair into your everyday life.

  1. Always make time for self-care: 
    Parisians understand the need to take care and prioritize themselves. Not in a selfish manner, but in a healthy and revitalizing manner. After all, you can’t take care of your loved ones without taking care of yourself first. So, take that mental health day, a few minutes to meditate or even treat yourself to a nice facial or massage. Making time for yourself will bring out the best of you.


  2. Appreciate the finer things in life: 
    This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy a new designer bag every time you walk by the store front. Most Parisian understand the concept of quality over quantity. Make sure to take into account the craftsmanship behind items. Take note of the beauty surrounding you and be appreciative of that. Life is filled with beautiful things and when you stop to smell the roses you can enjoy it just a tad bit more.

  3. Being graceful and effortless: 
    Parisians seem to walk about with a graceful air to them. One of the best ways to emulate that sense of gratefulness is to carry yourself with confidence. And how does one do that so effortlessly? Parisians rarely give a second thought as to what others think about them. While that may seem more easily said than done, most understand that, that too is part of self-care (mental health). Being graceful is just as much a state of mind as it is an appearance.

  4. Never leave the house without makeup:
    Parisian women rarely ever leave the house with a bare face. Now this doesn’t mean you have to pile on a pound of makeup but a little touch to emphasize your natural features is always a good idea. Remember to keep it natural, but a touch of dramatics is never a bad idea. Queue the YSL rouge.

  5. Keep it simple: 
    Simplicity is at the forefront of a Parisian lifestyle. Try decluttering your home. Remember quality not quantity. Using neutral colors, natural materials and simple clean lines in your furniture can add that sense of effortlessly chic Parisian elegance to your home.

  6. Classic décor:
    Bring in an added flair with Parisian inspired décor. This can be as simple as adding some vintage Parisian posters or artwork into your space, or even going as far as installing a faux fireplace or French-style mantel. Bring in an extra touch by accessorizing with an ornate mirror, antique chandelier or wrought iron candle holders. Making small changes can make a big difference.

  7. Cozy reading nook:
    Create your own little retreat just like you would in your Parisian apartment. The French have a reputation for being some of the most well read people. Set-up a nice armchair with a cozy throw and a stack of your favorite books, bring in a nice luxurious candle for that extra cozy feel. 

City of lights here you come! So now that we’ve set-up our space and learned the effortless ways of ultra chic Parisians, let's grab the champagne and baguettes and sit under the warm sunny skies for a classic picnic. We’ll bring the champagne!